Behaviour Driven Development

Accelerate the overall development time, ensure product owner and developers communicate efficiently,
and the team is confident about its product and its development

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If you already apply Behavior Driven Development in your team, in other words, if you define the user stories with your product owner with examples in your Given When Then steps : you probably agree with the following statements :

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Start the discussion with your product owner

BBD is a good way to start the discussion with your product owner. This is a contract between the product owner and dev team.

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Improve the velocity of the team

Instead of having a 2 weeks loop of feedback, you have a 2 hours loop of feedback.

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Dev are on rails

BDD scenarios guide the dev in the implementation of the feature.

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To have the features defined at compoent level make the refactoring at component level possible and easy.

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The reference

You have now an exhaustive accurate and executable documentation.



We should improve the process

The exhaustive accurate and executable documentation is not really accessible. The interactions with the product owner are not always easy.

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Use theGardener

Give an easy access to the exhaustive accurate and executable documentation. Write scenarios through an application shared with all members of the team

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Generation of the documentation (almost done)
Write scenario through a workflow (planned)

Technical stack

Play / Scala on the back. Angular on the front.


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We are looking for an intern to work on the project

We are searching for one intern for Spring 2019. This is at Kelkoogroup office in Grenoble, we are working with Play Scala Angular TDD and BBD. Not necessarily need to know them all: you will learn alongside our engineers.

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